“Diesel scandal” did not affect the production and sales of Volkswagen in China

“Diesel scandal” did not affect the production and sales of Volkswagen in China

SHANGHAI, November 11. /TASS /. “Diesel scandal” didn’t affect the demand and production of cars of Volkswagen in China, said Director of public relations and marketing automaker Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co Ltd (produces Volkswagen and Skoda for the Chinese market) Zhang Yu.

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“The falsification of environmental standards in the case of cars with diesel fuel and in our country, these models are not available. More precisely, they are forbidden to release. But even if you look at overall sentiment around the Volkswagen, the scandal did not affect the activity of our plant,” he said.

Zhang Yu also said that in 2015, the plant in Shanghai plans to release more than 1.8 million vehicles.

“The Chinese market is the growing demand for cars, but the speed is not as high as before. In principle, our autoproduce fully meets the demand. We work only in the domestic Chinese market”, – said the representative of the company.

Carmaker Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co Ltd is Shanghai and has been operating since 1985. This is a joint German-Chinese production. The plant produces models Lavida, Lamada, Tiguan, Touran and Polo. In the entire history of the company produced more than 13 million cars.

Volkswagen was at the center of a scandal after the discovery on vehicles with diesel engines are software that allows you to bypass environmental standards in the United States. We are talking about the device that includes the full capacity of the exhaust system only during appropriate inspection machine. During normal car operation, the system is partially disabled. Thus, during the test is not fixed, for example, the level of nitrogen dioxide emissions, which can cause asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases.

Investigation in respect of the group are conducted in the United States, several countries in Europe and Asia. In the U.S. joined the case of the prosecution 45 States and the district of Columbia. They all are ready for a long battle and predict automotive giant fines and the need to pay compensation in the amount of tens of billions of dollars.