Dvorkovich: the state support of agriculture in 2016 will not be reduced, this is critical

State support for agribusiness in 2016 will not be reduced, it is crucial – Dvorkovich.

The decline of the Russian car industry

Vice Prime Minister noted that the decline of the Russian car industry by the end of 2015 should not exceed 30%.

“There were forecasts that the decline will amount to 50%, but the use of anti-crisis measures, said from this podium, (first Deputy Prime Minister) Igor Shuvalov, made it possible to prevent this decline – according to our estimates, it should not exceed 30 per cent,” he said.

Dvorkovich also added that the new tax initiatives should not lead to reduced investment in the energy sector.

Furthermore, he stated that the policy of import substitution will not lead to the closure of the Russian market.

The volume of loans may increase

Dvorkovich noted that the volume of loans FER (industrial development Foundation) the following year can grow.

“We look forward to including your (state Duma) supported through the budget process next year, including, as resources permit, to increase the volume of loans (PDF) to implement new projects,” he said.