From the EU budget in 2014 wrongly spent more than 6 billion euros

Moscow. November 10. More than 6 billion euros from the budget of the European Union in 2014 were spent not in accordance with EU regulations, according to a Tuesday report European court of auditors.

According to the document, last year for another purpose was spent only 4.4% (about 6.3 billion euros) of the total costs 142,5 billion euros.

In 2013 this indicator amounted to 4.5%, according to the specified data.

The President of the European court of auditors Vitor Caldeira called for a “completely new approach” to the spending of EU funds, which would allow them to spend only as directed. Presenting the report in Brussels, he noted that this is especially important in times of such “biggest challenges”, as the immigration crisis or the high unemployment rate, according to Deutsche Welle.

According to Caldeira, typical errors in the expenditure of EU funds is a violation of the regulations when allocating state orders, for example if they are allocated without competition.