Lavrov: Russia wants the meeting in Vienna to Syria had made “two steps forward”

SOCHI, November 10. Russia wants that at the forthcoming meeting on Syria were made “two steps forward” to implement decisions of previous meetings.

This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Abstract ideas about regime change in Syria will make the upcoming meeting in Vienna failed, said the Russian Minister.

“If instead of actually working on these two issues (the lists of terrorist and opposition groups) again, someone will propose abstract ideas like “let’s change the mode and everything will work out”, then of course any success at this meeting (on Syria in Vienna) will not happen,” Lavrov said to journalists.

Lavrov said that Russia is ready for constructive work on this meeting and its proposals on both lists have long been handed over to the partners. “They promised to answer too long, but here’re late”, stated the Minister. He added that Moscow hopes that these proposals will be available soon.

On the list of terrorist organizations

Lavrov also noted the need to agree on the list of terrorist organizations, they will be illegal and after the ceasefire in Syria.

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“Mean first and foremost to agree on the list of terrorist organizations, so that no one has any doubt in regard to the orientation of one or another armed group, said Lavrov. Is fundamentally important because all agree that when it will be declared a ceasefire in parallel with the start of the political process, the agreement on ceasefire will not address terrorist organizations that continue to be considered a legitimate target for all those who in arms opposed the terrorist threat”.
“It is clear that to move forward without clarity, with full clarity in this issue, is impossible,” he added.

The UN special representative on Syria to begin work

The Minister also said that the UN special Representative for Syria must begin, but for dialogue while there is no list of opposition groups in Syria.

“It is impossible to move forward in another direction, as explicitly recorded in a statement dated 30 October, regarding launch of the political process under UN auspices between representatives of the government and the opposition – Lavrov said to journalists. – An invitation to the UN special representative on 30 October were approved. He must act, must convene a meeting between the government and the opposition. But until we have clarity with regard to the list of opposition groups that would represent the entire spectrum of the regime’s opponents – of course political opponents, not extremists, not terrorists.”

The way to participate in the work of two information centres in Syria is open to any interested state, said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Russia with its partners in the region created a single information and coordination center in Baghdad, where, together with our specialists are specialists from Iraq, Iran and Syria. Information center was also established in the Jordanian capital, said Lavrov reporters. And these structures, the way is open to any state that is interested in combating terrorism in Syria.”