Non-parliamentary parties will be invited to the discussion of increasing the retirement age for officials

MOSCOW, November 10. The state Duma will invite non-parliamentary parties on 20 November to take part in the discussion in the first reading a government draft law to increase the age of retirement for government officials from 60 to 65 years. The profile state Duma Committee on rules has approved the participation of these parties in the consideration of the matter, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee Nadezhda Gerasimova.

“The Committee took a positive decision on the question of inviting representatives of political parties not represented in the Duma, on November 20, and the manner of their participation in the review of the government’s amendments on increasing the retirement age for officials,” she said.

“There will be 10 parties represented in the state Duma”, – she specified. Among them, according to Gerasimova, – “Yabloko”, “Patriots of Russia” “Communists of Russia”, “Motherland”, “Pensioners for justice”, “Civic platform”, “Union citizens”, “the Cossack party of the Russian Federation”, “Women’s dialogue”.

“They will ask questions – two from each party. There will also be presentations by representatives of non-parliamentary parties”, – said the Deputy head of the Committee.

Now the participation of non-parliamentary parties should be submitted to the Council of the Duma.

According to Russian law, parties not represented in Parliament, have the opportunity at least once a year to participate in plenary sessions of the lower house of Parliament.