Penalties for nonpayment of tolls trucks will be charged in Russia with may 1

MOSCOW, November 11. Penalties for nonpayment of tolls trucks on Federal highways will be charged in Russia with may 1, 2016, reported the press service of the Ministry of transport with reference to the words of the first Deputy Minister Eugene Dietrich.

The charging system begins to work throughout the country from November 15.

“The decision that since the launch of the system (15 November, 2015) penalties for non-payment of fees will be charged only on the territory of Moscow region. On the roads throughout the Russian Federation, the fines will apply only from 1 may 2016”, – he noted.

On Wednesday, drivers of large trucks in several regions of Russia, including in Moscow region, organized a protest, and demand the abolition of tolls on Federal highways. In this regard, blocked traffic on several key roads. Truckers refer to the fact that the system is not tested, leading to the threat of heavy fines.

The payment method is all set to launch, said on Wednesday the Ministry of transportation.

According to Dietrich, the owner of “RT-invest the Transport System” and the traffic police MO of the already tested control system. “On the territory of Moscow region the control system is fully deployed and on 15 November she will work in combat mode,” said Dietrich.

Funds raised will go directly to the Road Fund.

“Many transporters were not ready to enter the system, despite massive awareness on our part about the beginning of its work on 15 November and the need for registration. We see that the lay users registered in the system at the last moment, for no reason whatsoever,” added Dietrich.

“You wait for the launch now it is impossible, differently to introduce the equitable principle of “user pays” has long been used worldwide, and especially to achieve progress in the road sector of the country, will not work. This means that for the destruction of the roadway will pay those who actually spoils and earn”, – said the Deputy Minister.

Until 29 February 2016, the fee 1,53 rbl. for one km. At this period the fees subject to a multiplier of 0.41. From 1 March 2016 to 31 December 2018 inclusive will be applied a factor of 0.82 that will provide reduced fees during this period to 3.06 rubles. for one km.

Based on requests from the business community about reducing the financial burden, the government decided to introduce a minimum rate until 29 February 2016, the fee 1,53 rbl. for one km. He reduced this period by 59% from the earlier rate of 3,73 in rubles And reduction of the tariff by 18% to 3.06 rubles. per km in the future, such a tariff will be effective from 1 March 2016 to 31 December 2018 inclusive.

In the state Duma is considering a bill to reduce the fines, noted in the Ministry of transport. It involves the introduction of the so-called flat scale of fines for legal entities and physical persons to 150 thousand rubles.