Peskov has denied the information of the article that Katerina Tikhonova is called the daughter of Putin

SOCHI, November 10. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has denied the information published in the Reuters article, which the Agency calls the head of “Inpractice” Katerina Tikhonov daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I can disprove it”, – told reporters the representative of the Kremlin.

The Agency in his article relies on the statement of the head of Gazprombank Andrei Akimov, who allegedly called Tikhonov daughter Putin. “I have seen the refutation Akimova, who declares that he is absolutely surprised with this information Reiter, never said that,” he said.

“I can refute the information that was contained in the Rater, because the Rater indicated that Akimov said that such a citizen is the daughter of Putin. This is something I can refute, based on his rebuttal,” explained Sands.

“As for the daughters, who are the daughters of Putin, I can’t tell you, because they do not have such information and should not be, it’s not part of my official duties,” concluded the President’s press Secretary.
Officially it is known that Putin has two daughters – Maria 30 years old and Catherine is 29 years old. Both of them are not public figures.

Several media outlets have tried to pursue their own investigations about his personal life or professional activity of the daughters of the President of the Russian Federation. In particular, it was claimed that the youngest daughter, Katerina, who took the name Tikhonova, currently heads the company “Inpractice”, engaged in development research cluster at MSU. However, no official confirmation these messages are not received.

In an interview last year, Putin himself said that his daughters live in Moscow, where he meets with them approximately every two weeks.