RESO-Garantia: the group of fraudsters selling fake insurance policies on behalf of the company

MOSCOW, November 10. In Moscow and St. Petersburg a group of scammers selling citizens on behalf of the insurance company RESO-Garantia fake CTP policies.

A warning posted on the website of the insurer.

Recently, the company began to receive complaints from citizens who have purchased fake insurance policies of RESO-Garantia. Check policies shows that forms are fake (their numbers overlap with existing forms of CTP, which are issued by offices of RESO-Garantia in St. Petersburg and Moscow) and is not registered in the single information system of the company as sold. Therefore, to qualify for insurance protection under the CTP in the event of an accident the customer can not, – says the official message of the insurer.

On the company’s website notes that a gang of scammers, selling fakes, is operating on the same scenario. So, for example, the phone client receives a call from numbers (495) 134-54-11 or (499) 649-05-91 with the offer to issue the policy at a significant discount – up to 25%.

“Presumably, contact information, fraudsters can illegally obtain data from the ATS registration in the traffic police, available on CD-ROM, because among those caught on their bait, there are many who never were insured at RESO-Garantia” – believed in the company. The callers insistently offer Express delivery which is the cost of the policy will be much lower than in the office.

For sale used fake letterheads CTP series EEE rooms 0365046001 – 0365046999, 0344331339 -1450, 0344331000 – 2000, this can be detected and counterfeit policies, the statement of the insurance company.

On the facts of the treatment of persons defrauded the insurance company appealed to the Chief of GU MVD in Moscow with a request “to prosecute a group of unidentified persons, acting together and upon a preliminary collusion, repeatedly made fraudulent actions”, – the message of the insurer.