Sergey Ivanov has not ruled out an emergency meeting between the presidents of Russia and Finland

HELSINKI, November 10. The presidents of Russia and Finland will soon be able to hold a bilateral meeting. This was reported to journalists by the head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov, without naming a possible date of the meeting.

“Contacts at the level of the Russian and Finnish leadership occur regularly, not once a year. Can’t say that the meeting can happen before the end of the year, it is stipulated and agreed through diplomatic channels, but the fact that this meeting is not far off, it’s obvious”, – said Ivanov.

He also noted that the Finnish side expressed interest in establishment of direct contacts between the administrations of the presidents of the two States. Ivanov said that he thanked his colleague Teemu Tanner at the reception and in turn invited him to make a return visit to one of the Russian cities next year.

What was discussed at the negotiations

The flow of refugees to Finland have increased in recent years, but claims to Russia no, said the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

“Refugees (from the Middle East) now penetrate to Finland more Swedish. Claims any to Russia about refugees is not raised. We have excellent contacts at the border,” – said Ivanov. He reminded that Russia also has problems with migrants in the form of 1.6 million refugees from Ukraine.

Ivanov also said that during his talks with President of Finland Sauli Niinisto discussed bilateral relations between Moscow and Helsinki, and international security issues.

“First of all, the situation in Syria, prospects for settling the situation in Ukraine and Afghanistan. The fact that the situation in Afghanistan imperceptibly becomes very dangerous. The Finnish side agreed with this conclusion. She feels that even if the influx of Afghan refugees to itself. In this case, strangely enough, in Finland there are almost no refugees from Syria,” – said the head of administration of the Russian President. He said that this year in Finland already drove 26 thousand refugees.

According to Ivanov, during his talks with President of Finland he stated the position of the Russian Federation on the situation in Ukraine, including in enforcement of the “Minsk agreements”.

The Finnish party, he said, were interested in the prospect of lifting the sanctions. “To me this prospect seems extremely vague, but we ask for the removal of sanctions will not, because we introduced them, not for us to ask them to cancel. This EU decision, not ours”, – Ivanov said. He added that sanctions and counter-sanctions, obviously, caused great damage to the economies of all countries which they affected.

Finnish companies are not going to fold business in Russia

The trade turnover between Russia and Finland for 10 months of 2015 decreased by 36% due to sanctions and decline in oil prices, Ivanov said.

“There is a significant decline in trade. Last year it fell by 14%, and this year for 10 months – at 36 per cent,” he said. Ivanov explained that among the main reasons for this development can be called retaliatory sanctions and counter-sanctions, and falling energy prices. He added that for the first time in many decades Russia from the first place in the structure of trade of Finland was displaced to third.

At the same time, according to him, the Finnish company, which already do business in Russia, are not going to collapse. “I would like to note that none of the major Finnish companies previously come to our market, do not go away and is not going away. This applies to construction, energy companies, companies producing food, medical equipment,” – said Ivanov.

He also said that Finland remains the first EU country that produces most Schengen visas to Russians, a Finnish tourists also continue to visit Russia.

On the construction of NPP “Hanhikivi-1”

The Russian Federation expects that the construction of NPP “Hanhikivi-1” in Finland will begin in 2016, the volume of Russian investments will amount to 2.5 billion euros, said the head of the Kremlin administration.

“The largest project is the construction of the plant “Hanhikivi-1″, which, I hope, physical construction, a year and a half will begin. The Russian Federation has allocated for this project from the national welfare Fund for 2.5 billion euros. We are at 34% are the owners of this project,” said Ivanov.

The contract for the construction of NPP “Hanhikivi-1” company “RusAtom overseas” (part of “Rosatom”) and Finnish Fennovoima signed in late December 2013. Together with the contract on the NPP construction was signed 10 years contract with the fuel company TVEL.