Study: overdue credits of Russians has reached record

MOSCOW, November 10. The rate of growth of overdue debts of individuals to banks reached its record level since the beginning of the year it grew by 30.5%, for the annual period by more than 35%, and on November 1, 2015 reached 869,4 billion rubles.

This is stated in the study of the collection Agency “Sequoia credit consolidation”, the text of which is available.

Thus for 10 months of this year the pace of credit issuance fell, and the loan portfolios of banks decreased. So, on November 1, Bank lending to individuals (excluding microfinance institutions) declined 4.84% and amounted to 10,75 billion rubles and during the first half of 2015, the market fell an average of 1% per month.

According to the study, for the banking sector it was a terrible shock: “the last time such a decrease was recorded over 6 years ago, during the crisis in 2009, however, the situation was different from the current – loans to individuals were not such a mass character, which allowed to emerge from the crisis with minimum losses”.

In may-June 2015 the market of lending to individuals began to reduce the pace of its decline to 0.4-0.5% on a monthly basis, in July-August for the first time last year, the market showed minimal growth – about 0.2%, then the indicator again went into negative values in September-October, the decline was about 0,05-0,08%. “Part of the slowdown in lending is due to some stabilization of the currency rate against the ruble in July, a slight decrease in unemployment, slowdown in inflation”, – explained the analysts of the Agency.