The Committee recommended to the Duma to reject the bill on the abolition of the notion of NCOs “noagent”

MOSCOW, November 10. The state Duma Committee on public associations and religious organizations recommended to reject the bill, Deputy Dmitry Gudkov (fraction “Fair Russia”) on the abolition of the Institute “NGO performing functions of a foreign agent”.

The bill Gudkov supposed “abrogation of the Institute for the classification of organizations to non-profit organizations performing functions of a foreign agent”. “In law enforcement practice, all these rules were excessive, inefficient, harmful to the country”, – said Gudkov. “The law has become an instrument of punishment with public organizations, who generally have nothing to do with political activities,” he said.

For his part, the head of the Duma Committee Yaroslav Nilov has expressed confidence that the NDA entered in the register of “foreign agents” would not have felt this from any difficulties, if they “did not raise the noise, which they raise”. “I agree with you that we need to adjust the concept of political activity,” he said, referring to Gudkov, not excluding abuse by officials when making decisions on the incorporation of NGOs in the register of “foreign agents”.

Against the abolition of the concept of “NGO “foreign agent” acted on behalf of the faction “United Russia” state Duma Deputy Mikhail Markelov. “Various extremist organizations, which receive and will receive financing from abroad, will actively intervene in the internal political life of the country and feel absolutely with impunity”, he stressed.

Russian law on NGOs – “noagent”

The law on NGOs – “foreign agents” was adopted in the summer of 2012. He obliges NGOs engaged in political activity and receiving funding from abroad, to accept the status of “foreign agents” with the subsequent entering in a special register. NCOs – “foreign agents” are obliged to indicate in the publication of materials on the Internet and the media this status. For evading this requirement is subject to a fine.

For nearly two years, the entry in the register was in fact voluntary, but in early June of 2014 was signed into law on compulsory inclusion in the register. According to the document, the Ministry of justice can force the inclusion into the registry of NCOs – “foreign agents” organizations that actually are, but has not filed the appropriate application. This decision can be appealed in court.