The condition magnate of slim means exceeds all residents of Mexico

MEXICO city, 11 Nov. Wealth telecommunications tycoon Carlos slim more than almost 39% of the volume of all banknotes held by the inhabitants of his homeland of Mexico, said the Mexican Central Bank and commodity exchange.

At the end of September the condition of the magnate is estimated by the so-called index of Sliema, created by the newspaper El Economista, of 1.485 trillion pesos, while the total of all paper money and coins in the hands of the Mexicans is in 1,073 trillion pesos.

At the same time, the lowest rate in the six years of the index Sliema. So, in March of 2011 his fortune was more than three times the total amount of funds in the population with latina the country. However, with the introduction of the reform of the telecommunications market, which reduced the share of the monopoly over Sliema and the advent of competitors the condition of the magnate is somewhat diminished. He lost the first place in the ranking of the richest people the world Forbes, which was taken in 2010-2013.

The main business of Sliema is associated with the telecommunication market of Mexico and Latin America. In addition to the companies, America Movil, Telcel and Telmex, the main asset of an entrepreneur is Grupo Carso, which controls a number of major Mexican companies. According to Forbes, slim is the second richest people in the world with approximately 71 billion dollars.