The leaders of Russia and Kuwait have confirmed the potential for expansion of cooperation

SOCHI, November 10. Held in Sochi talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Emir of Kuwait Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah showed close or identical positions on issues of the Middle East and North Africa. The two leaders confirmed the presence of Russia and Kuwait have a good potential to deepen relations.

The talks confirmed the complexity of relationships

Relations between Russia and Kuwait “traditionally friendly, trusting and mutually respectful,” he told journalists after the meeting of heads of Russia and Kuwait, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. “Today, the heads of States confirmed the existence of a good potential for their further deepening,” said he.

According to the head of Russian diplomacy, “the agenda of the negotiations confirmed the multifaceted nature of bilateral relations, as evidenced by the signed documents”. “This visa regime facilitation, and the development of contacts in the field of culture, humanitarian ties, cooperation in the field of transport, in the sphere of military-technical cooperation,” Lavrov said.

He highlighted the Memorandum of cooperation in the oil and gas sector, as well as the agreement to establish additional investment platform. “Our Kuwaiti partners through this platform participate in all investment projects of the Russian Fund of direct investments”, – said the Russian Minister.

The documents were signed

In the presence of Vladimir Putin and Sabah al-Ahmad al – Sabah had signed a Memorandum of intent on military-technical cooperation between Rosoboronexport and the Ministry of defense of Kuwait, a Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in oil and gas sphere between the Russian Gazprom and Kuwait oil Corporation and the agreement on investments between the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) and Kuwait investment Agency (KIA).

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Russia and Kuwait signed the documents on cooperation, including in the oil and gas sector

As reported in the FUND, the agreement provides for the extension of the investment partnership, under which KIA allocates $500 million to invest in projects in Russia jointly with the RDIF. The parties also agreed to increase the share of KIA in the mechanism of automatic co-investment with RDIF.

In addition, signed an intergovernmental agreement on visa-free trips of holders of diplomatic, service and special passports, a Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the National Council for culture, arts and literature of Kuwait, and the Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the transport sector between the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of communications of Kuwait.

Speaking about possible cooperation in the transport sector of the two countries, the head of Ministry of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov said that Russia may participate in the projects on creation of transport infrastructure in Kuwait, and Kuwaiti investors have the opportunity to invest in transportation projects in Russia.

“Today, we have produced a large block of such projects: the development of road infrastructure, and the development of port infrastructure, construction of new airports as well as railway infrastructure”, – said Sokolov. The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation is ready to discuss the issue of direct air links with Kuwait. “If we believe in economic efficiency of opening direct air links with Kuwait, Kuwaiti, and our carriers will be interested in this, why not,” said the Minister.

He pointed out that the total package of cooperation projects in the field of transport between the two countries is estimated at about 1 trillion rubles.

The theme of the day – middle East

The Russian President and the Emir of Kuwait discussed the situation in the middle East. “We are very pleased to have this opportunity to meet with You and talk about our bilateral relations and the situation in the region – and with You and with Your colleagues,” – said Putin, opening the meeting. “The situation in the region remains complicated, if not complex,” he said.

After the meeting, Kuwaiti and Russian leaders, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that the two countries are close or identical positions on issues of the Middle East and North Africa.

This was confirmed by first Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, the foreign Minister of Kuwait Sabah al-Khaled al-Sabah. “As already said by my colleague and friend (Sergei Lavrov), we really agree on all points that have been raised, referring to the Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, the middle East peace process and the fight against terrorism,” he said.

For Kuwait very valuable to exchange views with Russia on all those issues, because Moscow is well aware of the realities of the middle East region, said the head of the Kuwaiti foreign Ministry.

Referring to the Syrian theme, Sabah al-Khaled al-Sabah said that Kuwait counts on Russia’s role in resolving the situation in Syria and in its reconstruction. “The situation in Syria is very complex, many of the warring parties. But we need to seek a peaceful solution, he has no alternative,” – said the head of the Kuwaiti foreign Ministry.

Priority – the fight against terrorism

Another important theme of the talks was the fight against terrorism and, in particular, is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state”. The sides stated the similarity of positions. “Of course, priority number one for all – endless fight with the “Islamic state” and other terrorist groups. They threaten not only Syria and Iraq but also other countries in the region, including Kuwait,” said the Minister.

“We are convinced that to defeat evil is possible only together, having consolidated on the basis of international law, without double standards, to prevent terrorists capture power in one country or another region,” he added.

Lavrov also said that Russia and Kuwait will deepen contacts between intelligence agencies to combat terrorism. “We do it on a bilateral basis. Open to any other formats, wider formats, in order to fight against this evil as much as possible effectively” – he added.

In turn Sabah al-Khaled al-Sabah said that today’s Russian-the Kuwaiti negotiations, the two leaders “exchanged views, said its position and agreed on coordination and cooperation with regard to counter-terrorism”. The Minister said that Kuwait also suffered from terrorists. “We thank our Russian friends for what they confront, help us in this difficult trial,” he said.