The number of people visiting Kamchatka tourists by the year 2025 may increase to more than 12 times

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, November 11. /Corr. Elena Vereshchaka/. The number of tourists annually visiting Kamchatka, by 2025, is expected to grow more than 12 times, from 66.5 thousand to 820 thousand people, it will be possible after the implementation of projects TOR “Kamchatka”, which include the reconstruction of the airport, seaport and tourism infrastructure. About this korr. said the head of Agency on tourism of the Kamchatka territory Gevork Shian.

“According to the development strategy of tourism in the Kamchatka region for the period till 2025 and the region through the modernization of infrastructure within the TOR “Kamchatka” will take up to 820 thousand tourists a year. And now our task is to prepare for it,” said Shen.

According to him, the strategy envisages that in the period up to 2025 in Kamchatka will be established to 22 thousand of one-time places of tourist accommodation: hotels, lodges, tourist homes. Now the number of seats for customers on the Peninsula does not exceed 3 thousand through the reconstruction of the sea port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky should substantially increase the number of tourists coming to Kamchatka by sea.

“As a result of implementation of the draft TOR should increase the number of ship calls in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with 20 to 75 ships a year, and yachts, and cruise liners,” he said.

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Also, the authorities of the Peninsula intend to increase the flow of tourists in the winter season, which is now not very popular among tourists. According to Chiana, the number of Russians and foreigners who chose a winter vacation in Kamchatka, is expected to increase by 32% (up to 260 thousand people). Up to 225 thousand people (27%) should increase the number of tourists arriving to the Peninsula to go skiing and snowboarding.

For this purpose the government of the region intends to completely reconstruct the ski base “Edelweiss” in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Also at the expense of investors in the framework of the project TOR will be built a major ski centers in the mountain range Topolowa in the Elizovsky district, as well as on the slope of the Avachinsky volcano.

Now the main flow of tourists (about 70%) on the Kamchatka Peninsula comes in the summer months. Leisure activities: walking tours, fishing, hunting, off road driving and Quad Biking. In the winter the main activities: downhill skiing and snowboarding, traveling by snowmobile. Due to the popularization of sled dog sport gaining popularity the dog sledding.

According to preliminary estimates of the regional Agency for tourism in 2015 will visit Kamchatka about 66.5 thousand people, which is 12% more than in 2014. Implementation of projects TOR “Kamchatka” will begin in 2016, is now carried out pre-project and project preparation.