The Supreme court has rejected the complaint on the legality of the decree on the classification of losses the Ministry of defence

MOSCOW, November 10. Supreme court denied the appeal for recognition is not contrary to law presidential decree on the classification of losses the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in peacetime. Thus, it was again refused the initiative group composed of bloggers, journalists and public figures.

The Supreme court declared the Ordinance not contrary to law on August 13.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on may 28 made changes to the list of information classified as state secrets. In particular, the item list information pertaining to state secrets, which sounded like “information revealing the loss of personnel in war time” is supplemented with the words “in time of peace in carrying out special operations”.

According to one of participants of initiative group – the advocate Ivan Pavlov – this Ordinance is a subordinate normative act and complies with the Federal law “On state secrets” and information on casualties not included in any of the categories specified in the law.

The defendants in court were representatives of the President, the government and the Ministry of defense.

In their opinion, under the state secrets refers to information protected by the state in its military, foreign policy, economic, intelligence, counterintelligence and operational-search activity which distribution can cause the damage to Russia’s security, and the number of troops and their state of readiness refer to the information in the military field.