The Union has declared a monthly stop “AVTOVAZ” in December-January

Moscow. November 10. “AvtoVAZ” can send their employees in a simple from 18 to 31 December, said Chairman of the Union of the independent trade Union “Unity” Igor Petushenko.

“Yes, from 18 December to 31 December will be easy with payment of 2/3 of salary. Then will be Christmas holidays and then, from 10 to 17 January, as I understand it, there will be another corporate holiday, like last year,” he said.

According to him, official order declaring no outage – an indirect confirmation of relevant plans is the letter of the Chairman of official trade Union “AVTOVAZ” Sergei Zaitsev President of the company BU Anderson.

In the letter, which is available, Zaitsev proposes to consider the possibility of payments on 15 December of the award to the workers of AVTOVAZ “in accordance with the current situation”, and in the absence of grounds to consider the payment of awards to all employees “for the achievement of quality indicators and labor productivity, by analogy with the 2014 award”.

“The long stay of workers from 18 December to 17 January salary during December 2015 and January 2016 will be reduced by reason of downtime in December and a large number of public holidays in January, and the advance paid in January 2016. Increase tariff rates and salaries by 6% from 1 June 2015 are not compensated for the inflation that led to lower purchasing power of wages of employees”, – explained in the letter.

In turn, the press center of “AVTOVAZ” refute the information about the simple. Details “simple “AVTOVAZ” from December 18, ( … ) is false. The company will operate until 31 December”, – noted in the press center.

The representative of “AVTOVAZ” has confirmed that from 31 December 2015 to 10 January 2016 the company will not work due to new year holidays, and from 10 to 17 January, the employees will leave in corporate holiday.

“AvtoVAZ” and “GM-AVTOVAZ” has stopped the conveyor from December 31, 2014 to 18th January 2015 due to new year holidays, and corporate holidays. In may, the company announced in a Supplement to the may holidays four days of vacation, which “AVTOVAZ” and “GM-AVTOVAZ” was not working from 1 to 11 may. In addition, from July 27 to August 16, the company announced a corporate holiday. September 1 was also a day off “due to numerous requests the staff to give them the opportunity to spend the day with their children and their school.”