Top managers of the biggest Latin genkompanii died in a plane crash

Moscow. November 11. Two of the leaders of the largest in Latin America banking and insurance company Bradesco Seguros died in the crash of a twin-engine Cessna-650 over the territory of Brazil, reports the BBC.

It is a Vice-President of the Bank Bradesco Brand, Antonio Rossi and the Chairman of one of the insurance divisions of the company, Lucio Flavio the Approaches di Oliveira.

The plane, EN route from the Brazilian capital of são Paulo, crashed over the Central part of the country through 35 minutes after takeoff. The wreckage of the plane fell in a remote area of the state of goiás.

According to preliminary information, onboard there were four persons, including two pilots. They all died.

No versions of the incident until it is advanced. It is noted that the plane was owned by the company Bradesco. According to representatives of the National civil aviation Agency of Brazil, Cessna-650 has obtained all necessary permits for the flights.

Rossi was considered the most likely successor to current CEO of Banco Bradesco Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who will retire in October 2016, when he turns 65.