CEC: “United Russia” remained the richest party, on account of its 2.1 billion rubles

MOSCOW, November 12. “United Russia” received in the third quarter of this year more money than the rest of the party to preserve the status of the richest party in Russia. The data contained in the report of the control management of the CEC of the Russian Federation, published on the Commission’s website.

According to the CEC, United Russia received in July-September 43,87 mln, the party received the property for the sum of 31,1 million rbl. the Communist party earned 8,67 mln, thus qualifying the property for 57,5 million roubles.

In the assets of the LDPR in the last quarter appeared 41,2 million rubles, of which 8.7 million rubles is the value of the property. Spravorossy were added to the Treasury only funds – 29.7 million rubles.

The richest party, and on the basis of previous quarterly reports, remains “United Russia”. At the end of the reporting period on a party’s account was of 2.11 billion rubles.

On the second place of LDPR with 944 million rubles From the Communist party were accumulated 533,8 million roubles, “Fair Russia” – to 203.8 million rubles.

In this case, by the third quarter of the party approached with far greater financial reserves: 2.8 billion roubles United Russia, 1.3 billion rubles from the liberal democratic party, 924 million rubles from the Communist party and 534 million rubles from “Fair Russia”.

Large costs may be due to the fact that the past quarter was the election campaign and elections. September 13, in 21 regions held gubernatorial elections in 11 constituent entities – the election of legislatures. In addition, there were a number of municipal campaigns.

The cost of campaigning and elections

According to the information received by the CEC, the cost of the “United Russia” on statutory activities in July-September amounted to RUB mln 712,544 the Communist party spent 376,159 million rbl., LDPR – 369,827 million roubles, “Fair Russia” – 360 million rubles.

The main item of expenditure in this period all parties have become transferring to the regional offices. “United Russia” transferred to the regions to 431.4 million roubles, “Fair Russia” – 306,1 million rubles, the Communist party – 222,9 million rbl., LDPR – 74,9 million rbl.

Another costly item was party propaganda, including advertising, information, printing and publishing.

Traditionally a lot of spending for these purposes, the liberal democratic party. In the third quarter of its expenditures amounted to 166,2 million roubles United Russia spent on the promotion of 79,8 million rbl., the Communist party of 35.9 million roubles, “Fair Russia” – 9 million rubles.

In the second quarter to record the cost of the promotion was “United Russia” – 172.8 million rubles, the LDPR was 133 million rubles, the CPRF and just Russia is several times less.

Of non-parliamentary parties for election propaganda in the quarter spent more than any other “Apple” (1,2 million roubles) and “Communists of Russia” (1,1 million rubles).