Eurasian economic forum “Orenburg-2015” opened in Orenburg

Eurasian economic forum “Orenburg-2015” opened in Orenburg

V Eurasian economic forum “Orenburg — 2015” began its work in Orenburg.

ORENBURG, 12 Nov./strong>. V Eurasian economic forum “Orenburg — 2015” began its work in Orenburg, was attended by over a thousand delegates from Russian regions, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Armenia.

“Orenburg region stretches along the border of two continents — Europe and Asia, the Great silk road, for centuries linking East and West. In conditions of the Eurasian economic Union, this main thoroughfare has become a new symbol of the integration of countries, economies and cultures, a symbol of partnership and development”, — noted in his welcoming speech the Governor of the Orenburg region Yury Berg.

According to him, integration processes are in the stage where by governments of participating countries created necessary and sufficient conditions.

“Our goal is to maximize the benefits of unification for the implementation of joint development projects in their territories. That’s why our forum is focused primarily on discussing the most pressing topics and practical issues of integration. Course, given the EEU in the economy and society at regional, and, more importantly, the municipal level, will be truly a solid basis for interstate cooperation,” said Berg.

The forum will last till November 13. In the framework of the business program will include a discussion of the development of single-industry towns and industrial parks, the role of media in the formation of a single information space of the Eurasian, training of qualified personnel for the needs of the economy, the establishment and expansion of international and interregional cooperation ties.

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