Media: the budget for 2016 in the process of discussion in the state Duma considerably will not change

MOSCOW, November 12. The government does not intend to significantly change the parameters of the Federal budget for 2016 during its passage in the state Duma, writes in Thursday newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, in December 2015, in the second reading, the budget expenditure proposed by the government to only increase by 61 billion rubles (0.5% of total costs) and to reallocate expenditure to 104 billion rubles, the Finance Ministry has proposed to retain the budget structure in the form in which it is created in September-October of 2015, the newspaper said. According to “Kommersant”, the office of Anton Siluanov has proposed the Ministry of economic development approved a symbolic increase of the amendments in the second reading of the budget appropriation for 61 billion rubles, of which new state guarantees – 22,5 billion rubles.

The MAYOR also proposed to expand the direction of means “anti-crisis Fund,” the White house (65 bn) for innovation projects, support for small businesses, non-oil exports, regional clusters, nano-technology, and non-profit organizations. Approved the idea to increase competition and for other funds budgetary reserve of 2016, as well as the sheer volume of these funds, adds Kommersant. Money directed in 2015 to the accounts of the Treasury, but not required until January 1, (as well as unclaimed budget subsidies to legal entities – mainly talking about 30 billion rubles, RZD), may also spend money as a crisis Fund, and the right to claim them will get the customers of the state program “Development of the military-industrial complex” and measures for the elimination of chemical weapons.

Reallocation of funds the budget amendments totaling 104 billion rubles (0.7% of expenditure) accounts for half the Ministry of Finance and mainly connected with the finances of the regions in the state program of development of federalism and strengthening of regional and municipal entities reallocated the 32 billion rubles To 8 billion rubles reduced the appropriations of the Federal authorities (i.e. the government), and they completely routed in the state program “Accessible environment for 2011-2020 years”. Significant, but not fundamental changes are made without reduction or increased spending in space programme (11 billion rubles) and in the state program of development of tourism (12.5 billion rubles).