Russia remained the leader on the procurement of gold in the third quarter

Moscow. November 12. The total gold purchases by Central banks worldwide in the third quarter of 2015 amounted to 175 tons, which is close to the record level of the third quarter of 2014 (179,5 tons), according to a report the World Gold Council (WGC).

Including the Bank of Russia increased its reserves of gold in the international reserves to 77.2 tons, representing 44% of global demand from state-owned banks. Russia remains a leader in the procurement of gold (since the beginning of the year purchases amounted to 144 tons).

China, in July published official statistics on the volume of gold in international reserves for the first time in six years, in the third quarter purchased a 50.1 tonnes of gold.

Continued purchasing of Kazakhstan (7.8 tons), Jordan (7.5 tons) and Ukraine (3.1 tons). This year to increase gold reserves have also launched UAE: April they bought 5 tons, including in the third quarter to 2.5 tons.

The Central Bank of Colombia was the only major seller of gold, its reserves declined for the third quarter by 6.9 tons of gold.