Russian equivalent of MS Office can be installed on a secure tablet for government officials

MOSCOW, November 10. Russian equivalent of Microsoft Office – office Suite “Maiofis” – can be mounted on a special secure tablets for government officials. This was told by CEO of the Russian developer of the “New cloud” Dmitry Komissarov.

“We can install our apps on all those devices, which now reads,” said he, answering the question of whether or not installed “Maiofis” on a secure tablets for government agencies, the development of which is engaged, including, Yota Devices.

Earlier it was reported that the “assistance” under license Yota Devices at the Kaluga Electromechanical plant (part of concern “Automatics”) implemented a pilot project for the production of secure devices for government agencies.

The physical volume of the market of such gadgets, the company estimates, will amount to 100 thousand devices. Designed for specialized devices has its own special operating system, is still unknown, currently being tested by a number of platforms.

Overall, users of the office Suite “Maiofis” until the end of 2015 may be about 70 thousand officials.

“Maiofis” and electronic textbooks

Also, the domestic office Suite can be installed on e-books of local development. “We are working on the YotaPhone, if a textbook will be developed with the same second screen, we similarly will work”, – said Commissioners.

He added that the company will provide the office Suite of national developments to schools for free, and in 2016, the company predicts, it will go 10-15% of schools.

Edition e-books home development will start in Russia in the end of 2016, said earlier the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov. According to him, the electronic textbook has been developed, it will open like a book. On one side will be a color image illustrations and black-and-white text.

1 million users by the end of 2016

The company expects that by the end of 2016 the number of users of a Russian analogue of Microsoft Office will reach 1 million

“We will begin actively selling in the corporate segment in February 2016 and the end will be sold about 1 million paid package, approximately in half between commercial and public organizations”, – said Commissioners. “In five years we want 35% of the Russian market, which is about 6-7 billion rubles” – he added.

In addition to the Russian market, the company is also planning to go overseas. “Next year, I think we will open another three markets: Europe (Germany), Latin America (Brazil) and maybe somewhere in Asia,” he told Commissioners.

The company expects that within five years the market share of the domestic package in Germany will reach 10%, while in Brazil it is 20%. The payback period of the project, he said, is 2016.

“Maiofis” – the Russian office package of programs. It is a platform for collaborative document editing and file storage and includes a complete set of office applications for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Tizen.

One of the founders of the company “New cloud”, which develops “Maiofis” from 2013, is ex-President of “AKADO” Victor Savyuk (5%).

Now 40% of the company belongs to the senior Vice-President of “Rostelecom” Andrey Cheglakov, 7% – to the Vice-President of “Rostelecom” Alexei Basov, another 5% of shares are held by founder and CEO Dmitry Komissarov.

The remaining 43% are reserved for options and potential investors.