Sands: the President has been informed about the action truckers

SOCHI, November 11. The President of the RF Vladimir Putin reported about the protest of truckers protesting against the imposition of tolls on Federal highways.

The journalists said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“Still, it’s more the subject of government, more theme of the Ministry of transport. I think that questions should be addressed to them. The President was reported,” said he.


In Russia’s regions drivers of heavy vehicles held protests against the fees for trucks weighing 12 tonnes, which will begin on November 15. Actions with the participation of hundreds of drivers of heavy trucks were held in the suburbs, near Novosibirsk, Karelia, Udmurtia, Belgorod oblast and other regions.

Truckers refer to the fact that the system is not tested, leading to the threat of heavy fines.

The contract for the establishment of a system of charging trucks without competition Rosavtodor gave the consortium “RT – invest the Transport System”, part of state Corporation rostec. Tolls truck weighing over 12 tons on Federal highways will be charged about 3.5 rubles per 1 km.

On Tuesday it became known that Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, mitigating conditions for the carriers. According to him, until 29 February 2016 for one kilometre of travel on the Federal highway will be charged 1,53% before the end of 2018 – 3.06 ruble.

However, according to the Chairman of the Siberian Association of automobile carriers Vyacheslav Trunev, “this is not a step forward”. “In fact, we were told: “Guys, we kill you today, we will kill you day after tomorrow.”

Carriers do not advocate the abolition of tolls on Federal highways. According to Trunova, they want the system first tested at least six months in any region, reduced fee (summer Federal Ministry of economic development has estimated that to create the necessary Fund will be sufficient to collect 97 cents per kilometer) and the amount of fines (from 400 thousand to 50 thousand roubles), has introduced a postpaid accounting system and gave the drivers the equipment to calculate the mileage.

The Position Of The Ministry Of Transport

The Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov earlier on Wednesday stated that private carriers knew in advance about the imposition of levies on trucks, and are now trying to affect decisions already taken.

“All professionals.., of course, knew about this change and was prepared for it… Many, mostly private, carriers are now trying somehow to influence has long been accepted and realised decisions,” the Minister said.

How to work the system

In the system of toll collection called “Plato”, for driving trucks weighing over 12 tonnes have already registered more than 300 thousand users.

To control the movement of trucks on Federal highways will be special cars equipped with photo enforcement cameras, and is also located on the roads construction of station control. Infrastructure for charging will create a commercial structure of “RT-invest the transport system” established specifically for this purpose.

It is planned that the collection of payments will bring more than 40 billion rubles to the Federal road Fund. The money will be spent on repairs of Federal roads, smashed by trucks.