Sergei Ivanov: the Russian Federation and the United States should continue identifying sources of funding terrorists

MOSCOW, November 12. Russia and the US must continue to work together to counter terrorist financing. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov at a meeting with the President of the Group of financial action against money laundering (FATF) Shin Jae Young.

“Held this year at the initiative of the USA and with the active participation of Russia a study of the sources of financing for ISIL (“Islamic state” extremist group, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation – approx.TASS) should become a final point in joint work, and the beginning specific work on the identification of specific States, individuals and legal entities involved in financial support to ISIL,” said Ivanov.

He noted that no state “cannot operate effectively if does not take efforts to combat corruption and on combating the financing of terrorism, to combat this evil.”

“I do not exclude that during the summit “the twenty” which will take place next week in Turkey, the leaders will seriously discuss the issues related to the financing of terrorism, and above all the financing of the ISIL,” suggested the head of the Kremlin administration.

Ivanov recalled that recently he took part in the conference of the parties to the UN Convention against corruption, which took place in St. Petersburg, and stressed that the conference participants “significantly advanced”.

In response, the Shin-Jae Yoon noted the significant benefits of cooperation with Russia in combating corruption and financing of terrorism which is a global issue, underscoring that the FATF is actively helping “in the fight against this scourge”.

He also recalled that at the last meeting of the group of 194 countries participated in the study on the financing of terrorism.

“This figure is definitely nice, but unfortunately, there are still some countries that have not imposed criminal prosecution for financing of terrorism,” said Shin Jae Yoon. “Many countries do not use financial sanctions in the fight against terrorism,” he continued, noting that “counts on Russia as a reliable partner in this matter”.

Chapter FATF also shared impressions from his visit to Rosfinmonitoring. “Yesterday I was in the Russian monitoring, in other words, the Russian financial intelligence. I am shocked by the presence of tracking technologies illegal flows. This technology of Korea, my country, has not, unfortunately, acknowledged Shin Jae Yoon. I hope that together we will fight money laundering. Without this it is impossible to fight corruption”.

Ivanov mentioned that Russia has “really put a substantial budget to the development of financial intelligence”. “We don’t advertize it widely, – said the head of the presidential administration – but the friends are ready to show”. “We not only want to show their achievements, but also to listen to your recommendations, so I do not want to pretend that we are fine,” said Ivanov.