Siemens has announced higher dividends and run share repurchase programme

Moscow. November 12. German industrial concern Siemens has reduced net profit in the fourth fiscal quarter by 33% due to the losses from portfolio investments. At the same time, the group announced increases in revenue and orders, and the increase of dividends and the launch of a new share repurchase programme.

As reported in the press release of Siemens, its net profit in July-September amounted to 959 million euros, compared to 1.45 billion euros for the same period of the previous fiscal year.

Analysts polled by The Wall Street Journal, on average, had forecast a net profit of Siemens at 1.2 billion euros.

The company’s revenue last quarter increased by 4% to 21,33 billion, new orders jumped 15% to 23,72 billion euros.

Profit from Siemens that combines its industrial operations in the last quarter increased by 9% to € 2.5 bn, in particular due to the good performance in the field of energy supply, wind energy and renewable energy sources.

The profit margin of this division in the fourth Fincastle was 11.3% compared to 10.9% a year earlier, and by the end of last year to 10.1% at their own forecast of 10-11%.

For the current fiscal year Siemens predicts preserving margins in the same range, “moderate” revenue growth and earnings per share in the amount of 5,9-6,2 EUR 5,18 EUR per share in the past fingado.

Chief Executive Director Joe Kezer declared on Thursday on higher dividends, as well as the launch of a new share repurchase programme for the second since that moment, as he headed Siemens two years ago.

In accordance with a new program, Siemens will redeem shares at 3 billion euros over the next three years. Last month the company completed a previous program, under which for two years was purchased by the order of 4.9% of the shares of Siemens.

Last Vigoda Siemens will pay a dividend of 3.5 euros per share compared with 3.3 Euro per share a year earlier.