The dollar and the Euro rose slightly at the open on Friday

Moscow. November 12. The dollar and the Euro rose slightly on the Moscow stock exchange at the opening of trading Thursday, the dollar has updated a maximum more than a month, the ruble retreated, reacting to falling prices of oil.

The first transactions in us dollar were held on Thursday in the range 65,41-65.6 ruble, on average, two minutes the rate was 65,53 ruble (+11.5 penny to the previous closing mark). The Euro was 70,45 roubles (+15 kopeks). The bi-currency basket amounted to $ 67,745 of roubles (+13 kopeks).

The dollar has updated a maximum of 5 October, i.e. more than a month. Euro with up to 3 November. The dollar was at 96 cents above the current official rate of Euro to ruble 1.07 higher than the official rate. On the eve of the fall of the ruble strengthened late in the evening, and by the end of the day on Wednesday, the dollar rose to 85.5 etc on the penny, the Euro gained 1.1 per ruble.

Experts indicate that the fall of the ruble is associated with increased slump on the oil market. Oil prices are rising slightly on Thursday after falling considerably in the previous auction, reports Bloomberg. The cost of December futures for Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures exchange at 10:00 Moscow time has increased by about 0.3 percent to $45,98 per barrel. By the close of market on Wednesday, the futures price fell to $1,63 (3,44%) to 45,81 per barrel, the lowest since August.