The fall of Russia’s GDP in the third quarter slowed to 4.1%

Moscow. November 12. Russia’s GDP in the third quarter of 2015 decreased compared with the same period last year by 4.1%. This first assessment was distributed on Thursday Rosstat.

Rosstat data were better than calculations of economic development, which estimated the fall in GDP in the third quarter of 4.3%.

GDP in January-September, Rosstat has yet to translate.

Rosstat had previously assessed the decrease of GDP in the first quarter by 2.2%, in the second – by 4.6%, while overall for the first half by 3.5%. Based on these data, the decline in GDP in January-September can be estimated at about 3.7 per cent (Ministry of economic development estimated the decline in January-September by 3.8%).

As reported, according to the calculations Ministry of economic development, in September, GDP shrank by 3.8% against the decrease by 4.5% in August.

“Preliminary data for September showed a monthly ending recession and the shift to positive trends in GDP growth. According to preliminary estimates the Ministry of economic development, after stabilizing in July-August the GDP trend with a seasonally adjusted basis in September, showed an increase of 0.3% the previous month. This contributed to the positive trend in the mining, manufacturing, agriculture, transport,” – said the one in July on the situation in the economy in January-September.