The government is going to allocate “Rosnano” 42 billion rubles of subsidies in 2016-2020

Moscow. November 12. State support of “RUSNANO” may not be limited to government guarantees on borrowings planned in the amount of 70 billion rubles in the years 2016-2018.

The draft government regulation on the mechanisms of resource support of activity of “Rosnano”, developed by the Ministry of economic development involves the allocation of subsidies JSC “RUSNANO” and the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs (FIEP), said a source familiar with the situation.

State guarantees spelled out in the project in the amount of 70 billion rubles (35.5 billion in 2016, 21.1 billion rubles – in 2017, 13.4 bn in 2018), the source said. Subsidies in the document is not specified, but we’re talking about 27 billion rubles in 2016-2019 for payment of interest on loans or bonds, drawn and issued for financing investment projects. Also this may be provided as a contribution to the Charter capital of RUSNANO.

Subsidies for FIEP is proposed in the amount of 15 billion rubles in 2016-2020. A total of 42 billion roubles in addition to government guarantees.

The parameters for state support “Rosnano” can be determined in the spring of 2016, recently told the head of the state-owned company Anatoly Chubais. “Have not completed five years in General, 2016-2020 years, but received the order of the Prime Minister: in the spring of next year to submit to the government a draft order, which will answer the question, what will be done before 2020”, – said the head of “RUSNANO”.

The draft Federal budget for 2016 envisages the allocation of “RUSNANO” to 35.5 billion rubles of state guarantees for loans and bond loans. The conditions for issuing tougher compared to previous years.

RUSNANO receives state guarantees on loans annually. The total amount of state support the company in the years 2007-2015 was $ 312 billion (101 billion rubles – the contributions to the capital of 182 billion roubles of state guarantees, 29 billion roubles – the financing FIEP).

Earlier it was planned that “Rosnano” from 2016 will not receive state support, including in the form of guarantees on loans. However, at the beginning of this year, Chubais asked the state to continue to allocate budget funds: the crisis slowed down the development of portfolio companies and has pushed back the timing of the exit of RUSNANO from their capital. In addition, the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West has given up on plans to establish joint investment funds with Western partners.

At the beginning of this year, President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the “RUSNANO” about the continuation of public investments in nanotechnologies, and began work on defining support schemes. RUSNANO first requested 140,8 billion for 2016-2019, in the form of state guarantees (by 25 billion rubles a year) and subsidies on interest rates (about 10 billion roubles annually).