The head of Department of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitriev: volatility in the foreign exchange market decreases

MOSCOW, November 11. The vector of volatility in the market is now down, evaluates the Director of monetary policy Department, Bank of Russia Igor Dmitriev.

“Yes, she declined, and overall expectations for volatility rather directed down. To oil sensitivity (ruble) also decreased,” he told journalists.

According to Dmitriev, the volatility goes up sharply with the beginning of significant fluctuations in raw material prices, however, then there is adaptation, and volatility will stabilize.

As previously explained, the head of the CBR Elvira Nabiullina, Bank of Russia, including taking into account the level of market volatility in making decisions about entering the foreign exchange market.

According to Dmitriev, the volatility cannot be zero. Volatility – how’s the temperature, it cannot be zero”, – he explained.

Peaks of volatility in the market was seen in December of last year, and the beginning of August 2015