The Ministry of industry and trade: implementation of the program card prodromoi shifts for 2017

MOSCOW, November 11. The implementation of the cards programme food aid shifted to 2017. This was announced by state Secretary, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov.

“We are still within the instructions it working. In 2016 (the program) will be finally accepted, and I think that implementation is likely to begin in 2017”, – he explained.

Earlier, the Ministry of industry and trade expected that the programme e-food cards the buyer can earn in the second half of 2016.

The program is now included meat, dairy, fish products, vegetables and fruits, eggs and herbs. Excluded cereals and canned meat. However, it is possible the extension list, this may include frozen fish and meat products.

Subsidize the purchase of products

As reported on 15 September, the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation submitted to the government the concept of the card programme food aid to the poor. The Ministry began to discuss the possibility of introducing this system in the fall of 2014 on the background of a sharp devaluation of the ruble and rising prices for some food items, weighed by the embargo in response.

As previously reported, a programme of targeted food aid, the concept of which is submitted to the government, will not be similar to the card system of food distribution that existed in the USSR.

It is about creating a semblance of a functioning, for example in the US, subsidies to buy food, which uses cards similar to a Bank.

The state may charge monthly for these social food cards a certain amount of money. It is possible to pay part of the cost of food. The system is designed not only to support the poor, but to encourage manufacturers and retailers offset the reduced demand for the products in the conditions of crisis in the economy. Earning money on the card will be differentiated depending on features of a particular region, i.e. from the level of income, prices and purchasing power.