The Russians noticed the increasing gap between rich and poor

Moscow. November 11. The majority of citizens of the Russian Federation (69%) believes that over the past 15 years, the gap between rich and poor has increased, the opposite view is held by every tenth (9%), according to “Levada-Center”.

One in five (19%) believes that in this regard, all remained unchanged, showed a survey conducted on September 18-21 among 800 people in 134 settlements of 46 regions.

Responding to a question sociologists, 48% of respondents said they wanted to be employed and receive a stable salary, and 37% prefer to be owners of their own companies, have their own business. Difficult to answer 15% of respondents.

The activities of small and medium businesses, according to 62% of Russians, in General, is good for the country. That this business is harmful, said 18% of respondents found it difficult to answer 20%.

In the evaluation of large Russian businessmen and entrepreneurs, the respondents are divided: 47% think that their work is beneficial to Russia, 33% – harm. Difficult to answer 19% of respondents.