The Supreme court of the Russian Federation supported the repeal of “gold guarantees” to the first persons of Yakutia

MOSCOW, November 11. Russia’s Supreme court recognized the legitimate cancellation of a lifetime of social guarantees to the executives of Yakutia. Thus, it denied the appeal of the Parliament of the Republic.

Earlier, the Supreme court of Yakutia on the prosecutors ‘ statement, acknowledged inactive and not subject to application of the norm establishing for the head of the Republic, his Deputy and the head of the government social guarantees after the termination of their powers. In particular, this is the monthly lifelong monetary contents, providing living space and transportation services, medical support, sanatorium treatment, provision of state protection in the first three years from the date of termination of execution of powers use in the territory of the Republic, government communications and other communications available to the state authorities of the Republic and local government bodies, for financial and logistical support of the office of the assistants, as well as monthly cash benefits to disabled members of the family of the President, who stopped his powers after his death.

The Prosecutor’s office and Parliament

According to the Prosecutor, these norms are not consistent with the principles of self-reliance and balanced budgets and contrary to the requirements of the budgetary legislation. In addition, these standards are not directed to the circumstances to adapt the first persons to changed life conditions.

Meanwhile, the representative of the state Assembly of Yakutia requested the court to revoke the first instance decision. According to her, the court’s conclusions about the low level of social protection of the population does not correspond to the real situation. As noted by the representative of the state Assembly, now the Republic takes on a number of social benefits, including assistance to veterans, young parents, etc. However, answering a court question, she explained that social grants make up the veteran one-time monthly payment in the form of 2 thousand rubles, while the costs of the former head of Yakutia in 2015, allocated more than 8 million roubles a year.

In turn, the representative of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation upheld the decision of the court of first instance, finding it lawful and justified. Thus, the decision of the Supreme court of Yakutia on cancellation “gold guarantees” to the first persons of the Republic came into force. The court announced only the operative part of the decision.