The Supreme court upheld the abolition of direct elections of the mayor of Petrozavodsk

MOSCOW, November 11. The Russian Supreme court recognized lawful the decision about cancellation of direct elections of the mayors of Petrozavodsk and Kostomuksha. Thus, it was denied in the appeal of deputies of legislative Assembly of Kareliya on the decision of the armed forces of the Republic.

A bill abolishing the direct election of the mayors of Petrozavodsk and Kostomuksha, was brought in Republican Parliament by the city Council of Petrozavodsk. On June 18 he was accepted at once in three readings in the legislative Assembly of Karelia.

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Thereafter, civil proceedings in the armed forces of the Republic were addressed by the deputies of the legislative Assembly Alexander and Larissa has been in charge. They insisted that changes in regional legislation adopted “with violations of the rules”.

In support of his complaint Stepanov told the court that the lack of citizens unable to vote violates their rights. In addition, the applicant expressed doubts about the compliance with the procedure of signing the law abolishing direct elections, as “the day it hit the Internet, the head of the Republic could not sign”.

In turn, representatives of the legislative Assembly of the Republic and the head of Karelia has paid attention of court that the procedure for adoption of this law is fully consistent with Republican and Federal laws.

According to him, the court of first instance objectively and comprehensively analyzed the arguments of the petitioners and has rightly come to the conclusion that there were no grounds for cancellation of the adopted normative act. The Prosecutor also sided with the defendants.

12 August sun of Karelia upheld the validity of the amendment, abolishing the direct election of the mayor in Petrozavodsk and Kostomuksha. The plaintiffs with this court’s decision disagreed and filed a complaint in Russia’s Supreme court.

On 11 November the appeals panel read out only the operative part of the decision, the full text of which will be issued to the parties later.