The tourism industry after the disaster A321: evaluation of market participants

MOSCOW, November 11. At a meeting with journalists representatives of the travel industry shared their estimates of losses from the suspension of air links with Egypt, and also talked about whether to change the Russians purchased tours to travel inside their country.

To estimate the losses prematurely

According to the Director of the Association “Turpomosch” Oleksandr Osaulenko, costs of tour operators suspended flights to Egypt may not be determined until after the removal of all Russian tourists to this resort.

Until the last aircraft will not return to the ruble will be difficult to say something, so he said the timing of the tour companies estimate their losses in case of suspension of operations in Egypt.

Estimated commercial Director and co-founder of Tez Tour Alexander Burtina, the loss of the tourism industry because of the ban of flights to Egypt are estimated at 5 billion rubles a month.

The estimate is based on the fact that, on average, from Russia flew 50 thousand tourists per week, and the average cost of the tour per person was $350 dollars, said Burtin.

Earlier, on 10 November 2015 meeting of the staff under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich tour operators indicated that the approximate current costs for the export of tourists (it’s listed tour companies, airlines funds) amounted to 1.5 billion rubles.

That can reduce losses

Thus Osaulenko noted that next week will begin “optimization of removal”: there will be fewer aircraft and fewer flights as the resort has less than half the tourists.

He also expressed hope that Egypt will return to the Russian companies the funds deposited in hotels.

The third component – is the money that is in advance of the planned airlines for future tours to Egypt, pointed Osaulenko.

Earlier, representatives of the tourism industry has approached the government with request to assist in resolving the issue with the carriers.

The compensation

Mechanisms to support the tourism industry and the amount of compensation may be agreed upon next week, said Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry Yuri Barzykin.

“Perhaps some costs will either be refunded or taken into account in the flight programme for next year,” he said.

The Barzykin has underlined that “the tourism industry is alive, it works and priorities in connection with the suspension of flights to Egypt are solved together with turindustrii and authorities”.

As reported earlier, Dvorkovich after the meeting of the headquarters of the government on 10 November said that the government is ready to support operators in connection with the cancellation of air links with Egypt. The size of this support is not yet specified.

Alternative for tourists

More than 30% of Russian tourists who bought tours to Egypt, have chosen other countries to rest after the suspension of air links, said Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry Yuri Barzykin. What direction – depends on the region, which is home to a tourist, he said.

However, approximately one third of tourists who bought tours to Egypt, ready to wait for resumption of air services to use them.

“According to our estimates, will have to wait from one and a half months or more. I hope that the New year (aircraft – approx. ed.) will open,” said Barzykin.

In his words, “the depth of sales of tours to Egypt reached the New year, but there are tours after the New year.” He said that it is about 140-150 thousand rounds.

“Today the main task is to solve questions on replacement tours and refund. Everything is conducted in strict accordance with the law”, – assured the Barzykin.

Instead of Egypt is its own country

He noted that the percentage of tours that tourists will exchange on the tourism products within the country, it is impossible to predict.

“Share disrupted tours in Egypt, translated into domestic tourism, is not currently projected, said Barzykin. Will Russia be included as an alternative in the form of a specific product and in the form of deposits on the transport of tourists, and they will be used, including, and in Russia, including the may holidays and the summer period”.

While internal products for the winter season do not always have rates, and to predict the demand of tourists wanting to tour change, it is impossible, said Barzykin. However, according to him, the capacity of the Russian tourist market enough to provide this alternative.

Assessment the PCT, domestic tourism in the Russian Federation will have by the end of 2015, the influx of tourists at least 25% compared to 2014, including through the ban on flights to Egypt.

The suspension of flights

On November 6, President Vladimir Putin agreed with the recommendations of the National anti-terrorism Committee to suspend air traffic with Egypt. All Russian commercial airlines and operators of General aviation has suspended the performance of all regular transit and Charter flights to Egypt with passengers on Board from 20:00 on 6 November.

As explained by the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, this measure is entered not until after the investigation into the crash of an Airbus A321 “Kogalymavia”, until then, until will not be provided the proper level of security. Putin also instructed to provide assistance to Russian citizens in return from Egypt. At that time in Egypt there were almost 80 thousand Russians, most of them have already returned Home.