Trutnev: possible predatory areas in the far Eastern Federal district will be minimized

MOSCOW, November 12. The possibility of predatory use of forest areas in the far East with the transfer of one hectare of land to citizens of Russia will be minimized, while the relevant bill provides for the mandatory restoration of forests if it is logging. This was stated to journalists by Vice-Premier Yuri Trutnev.

“We are part of that predatory use of hedge, i.e., it is not possible. If you cut down forest, you will be obliged to carry out reforestation activities, but otherwise, pay the relevant amount to the budget of the Russian Federation”, – said Trutnev.

According to him, a bill to provide citizens with plots of land in the far Eastern Federal district implies the withdrawal of plots in the case of gross violation of the norms of land use.

The Vice Premier added that in the law itself will be spelled out some standards. “When we talk about regulations, we understand that we have, together with the Ministry on development of Far East a lot of work to write everything in great detail, for example, a mechanism for review of land plots”, – said Trutnev.

He explained that it is necessary to accurately define what “development” that no officer could manipulate or to blackmail citizens. Assessment Trutnev, in order to work out all the details, there are still a few months until may 1, 2016.

He added that government support in infrastructure development for recipients of land in the far East on the bill to free the ha is not planned, but after 1-1,5 years this measure may be introduced.

Free ha will be available for foreigners

The transfer of land in the far East sublet to foreigners in the framework of the law on free hectare will be banned also noted Trutnev.

Trutnev explained that “if the person leases, sublease, use this section to foreign citizens, entering a mechanism of review rights to use the land”. He stressed that the mechanism for the transfer of land free.

According to the Vice Premier, once we talk about large-scale land development, then you can consider selecting a Bank as the land for servicing of transactions on the transfer of land.

“The Bank is very much require when conversation will go about what will be built on these sites, as they will be used. Here banks, of course, will be useful, – said Trutnev. But I don’t think it will be some exclusive Bank”. He expressed the hope that all banks will think about these possibilities, develop their own programs support.

Trutnev added that after 5 years, after the land will become the property of the citizens, the plots can be sold. However, these transactions will also be subject to the same limitation of non-transferability of foreigners.

25 thousand applications

According to the head of Minvostokrazvitiya Alexander Galushka, almost 25 thousand applications for free getting one hectare of land in the far East have come from Russian citizens on the official portal.

“Have a website “the far East.Of the Russian Federation”. He already works in the demo version. Today, two months of work of this portal in the demo version is already 25 thousand appeals,” the Minister said.

He noted that interest in different parcels of land. “But for the sake of objectivity, a few more (demand), the southern part of the Far East. But interest not only to her appears, that’s exactly right,” said Galushka.

As previously reported, the legislative framework of the transfer of land in the far East citizens involves obtaining its ownership or long term lease, five years after its receipt.