“United Russia” will discuss the primaries on the forum of secretaries of local branches

MOSCOW, November 12. “United Russia” will hold in Moscow the forum of secretaries of local branches of the party, which will discuss preparations for the preliminary voting for possible candidates for election (primaries) and new standards of anti-corruption legislation.

Participation in the forum will be the Chairman of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This was confirmed by the press service of the government.

“At the initiative of the Chairman of the party for the first time we are holding such a huge event with the secretaries of local branches”, – explained to journalists the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov. In his words, “the main theme of the forum – this is a preliminary vote before the elections to the state Duma and adopted amendments to the anticorruption legislation”.

The procedure of conducting primaries must be approved at the first stage of the party Congress of United Russia, scheduled for early February. Early voting will affect all elections simultaneously with the elections to the state Duma in 2016. As explained earlier in the “United Russia”, the party is the question of how to harmonize, “to sew” procedure of the primaries on electoral campaigns of various levels.

It is essential to clarify issues regarding the procedure of early voting to the representatives of the regions, because in this format it will be held for the first time and that regions will have to implement its holding, noted Neverov.

As explained in an interview with the Chairman of the Central coordination Council of supporters “an United Russia” Olga batalina, the forum will discuss “basic approaches to the selection of candidates (primaries)”, including the launch of the project “Candidate” for training and education of future participants in the initial vote.

This project, which the party intends to launch in December, involves conducting training seminars, lectures and trainings for new participants in the primaries – as current MPs and those who wants to try their hand in the elections . “For party is to understand the potential circle of participants of preliminary voting, and for themselves – the opportunity to prepare for debates, participation in which will be a mandatory standard during preliminary hearings”, – explained earlier Neverov.

The second issue proposed for discussion by forum members – latest amendments in the legislation providing for deprivation of office for the deputies of all levels, including municipal, senators and municipal officials for failing to provide declarations of income, expenses and property. In addition, tougher indiscipline for the deputies of all levels and municipal officials. Now the duty of the deputies working on a permanent and non-permanent basis, as well as persons occupying municipal positions – is not only Declaration of income, expenses and property, but also information about the presence of conflict of interests and liquidation of foreign accounts.

In late October, these topics have already been discussed at a party meeting, in which participated chairmen of legislative councils and the leaders of the factions “United Russia” in regional parliaments.