“Victory” will attract the transport Ministry to negotiate with Belarus

Moscow. November 12. Low-budget airline “Victory” (100% “daughter” of “Aeroflot”) was unable to agree with the Minsk airport on flights to this city, said the airline.

“Minsk was to be our first international destination. We wanted to fly there twice a day, morning and afternoon. The application we submitted about a month ago, but the airport has not arranged us the slots. Moreover, from their side, we saw an absolutely prohibitive tariff on the service of each passenger,” – said the representative of “Victory”.

In the movie, said that the airline is preparing an appeal to Russian Ministry of transport with a request to assist in resolving this issue. “We hope that the matter would be resolved, the demand from our passengers in Minsk”, – said in “Victory”.

As previously reported, on 12 November “Victory” has opened ticket sales on its first international flight to Bratislava.

“Victory” was repeatedly applied to the international flights, but according to the previous requirements of the Federal aviation rules (FAP), any new airline could get the permits to carry out international flights only after running for more than 2 years of flights on internal lines. To be able to perform international flights, the handling of the low-cost airline in FAP have been amended accordingly.

The airline started its operations on 1 December 2014. The company flies the President of the Moscow “Vnukovo”.