Euro exceeded 71 ruble

Moscow. November 12. The ruble continues to strengthen the fall on the Moscow exchange, the Euro, after the dollar has reached a significant level, for the first time in 10 days exceeding 71 ruble. The rising dollar also continues to increase against the background of falling world prices of oil.

Earlier the dollar for the first time since 2 November exceeded 66 rubles. According to 16:21 GMT, the Euro was 71 rubles, adding 70 cents, the dollar reached 66,16 of the ruble at the UTS this 74.5 kopecks above the previous close.

For 2 days the dollar gained 1.6 per ruble, or 2.5%, the Euro – 1.8 ruble, or 2.6%, estimated experts of “Interfax-CEA”.

The retreat of the ruble contributes to the decline of oil. Oil prices intensified the decline, the December futures for Brent crude fell below us $45.2 per barrel, updating the lows from August. According to the results of previous auctions of the fall was about 3.5%, the price came out to $45,81 per barrel.

Earlier on Thursday it became known that OPEC has kept its forecast for global oil demand in 2015 at the level 92,86 million barrels per day (b/d), the forecast for 2016 affirmed at 94,14 million b/d, which implies an increase to the current year by 1.25 million b/S. Before it was reported, on rumors that OPEC at its meeting on 4 December to increase targeted daily volume of production at 1 million barrels due to return to the oil cartel of Indonesia.