Ex-wife Potanin appealed the court decision, dismissing a section of the shares of Norilsk Nickel

MOSCOW, November 12. Natalia Potanin filed in the Moscow city court detailed appeals against the decision of Presnensky court that the shares of Norilsk Nickel and Interros International Investments Ltd is not subject to division between her and her former husband Vladimir Potanin. This is stated in the press service Potanina.

“A brief complaint filed by the lawyers of Natalia before receiving the text of the decision of the court of first instance, was immobilized by the Moscow city court till November 12, 2015. The full text of the court decision with the reasoning part of Presnensky court from not been able to get in for almost 30 days, twice released the statutory period for the preparation of the document”, – stated in the message.

Natalia Potanin continues to believe that 30% of Norilsk Nickel and Interros International Investments Cyprus Ltd should be subject to responsibility as jointly acquired property, which appeared Potanins the couple during their 30-year marriage. “Natalia hopes that the court will be more attentive to provide the documents, confirming that the branched structure of the Cypriot companies is Vladimir Potanin”, – notes the press service of the ex-wife of a businessman.

According to article 34 of the Family code all property acquired by spouses during marriage is their joint property after divorce and subject to division in equal shares.

In February 2014, the magistrate judge Presnensky district of Moscow divorced spouses Vladimir and Natalia Potaninii. On the basis of the decision of the judge monthly businessman will allocate approximately 8.5 million rubles for the maintenance of the child.

In April of this year, Potanin filed a lawsuit in the Presnensky court of Moscow with the requirement to split the shares of the companies “Norilsk Nickel” and “Interros” between her and her former spouse. The court denied the division of assets.

In March 2015, the Russian businessman, the General Director and one of the main owners of Norilsk Nickel, the President of holding “Interros” Vladimir Potanin has headed a rating of the richest Russians according to the American magazine “Forbes”.

In the ranking of the richest people in the world by Frobes includes 85 Russian billionaires. The richest of them, according to the magazine, became Potanin with a fortune of 14.8 billion dollars. In the ranking of the richest people in the world it occupies the 60th place.

At the end of 2014 in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” Vladimir Potanin confirmed that married a second time.

A new wife Potanin is only known that her name is Catherine, and she worked together with the entrepreneur.