FNS has applied for membership in the bankruptcy case of “Transaero”

FNS has applied for membership in the bankruptcy case of “Transaero”

The sum of debts of airline “Transaero” to the state court records not yet listed. Bankruptcy case “Transaero” was filed on October 19, according to Sberbank.

MOSCOW, 13 Nov. The arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region registered the statement of the Interregional Inspectorate of the Federal tax service of Russia for major taxpayers No. 6 on the entry into bankruptcy of airline “Transaero”, the information on the website of the court.

The statement was received by the court on November 12 for the production it has not been made yet. The outstanding amount of the carrier to the budget in the trial transcript is not yet specified.

The St. Petersburg arbitration on October 19 filed a case on bankruptcy of “Transaero” at the request of the savings Bank. The validity of the claim of a major Russian Bank on implementation of the airline’s observation will be tested on 25 November. In a bankruptcy case have already joined Alfa-Bank and VTB.

Major requirements for “Transaero” have recently become to proceed in arbitration courts of different regions. So, “Aeroflot” has filed lawsuits on 8,6 billion roubles, foreign companies related to “VTB Leasing” require more than 145 million dollars, controlled by Rosneft companies require the carrier more than 4 billion rubles, the state Corporation for air traffic management — more than 700 million rubles.

Lawsuits filed also the company associated with the airports “Domodedovo”, “Pulkovo”, Koltsovo, Blagoveshchensk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Ulan-Ude, Samara.

Transaero airlines has been unable to service debts, which form together with the leasing obligations of about 250 billion rubles. Sale of tickets is stopped and passengers are transported group airlines “Aeroflot” and other carriers. The certificate of the operator Transaero withdrawn on 26 October.