FNS has decided to join the bankruptcy Transaero

Moscow. November 13. Interregional Inspectorate of Federal tax service of Russia for major taxpayers filed a motion for intervention on bankruptcy of airline “Transaero”, follows from the judicial database.

The bankruptcy process Transaero initiated Sberbank, all subsequent claims for the insolvency of the airline are accepted by the court as motions for entry in already has a record. To the claim of the savings Bank almost immediately joined Alfa-Bank, later the Declaration of entry was filed by VTB.

The airline “Transaero” in September was in the verge of bankruptcy, forcing the state to look for options to save her. It was assumed that 75% + 1 share of the carrier will be sold “Aeroflot” at a symbolic price, but shareholders “Transaero” were not able to consolidate the required stake. As a result “Aeroflot” has refused the offer, and statements of relevant officials was to ensure that the option of bankruptcy of the airline seems to be the only one possible.

Later it became known that the co-owner of airline “Siberia” Vladislav Filev has signed an agreement to purchase Alexander Pleshakov at least 51% of the shares of the airline. The day after aviation authorities announced the recall of Transaero aircraft operator’s certificate from October 26. A little later, the shareholders of “Siberia” announced that it is withdrawing from the deal because Pleshakov was not able to consolidate the required stake.