The liberal democratic party is asking the Investigative Committee to check against the magazine Charlie Hebdo

MOSCOW, November 13. The Deputy of fraction of LDPR Ivan Sukharev sent a request to the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin with a request to conduct an audit against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. This is stated in the statement posted on the LDPR website.

“Given that the editors of the French satirical magazine actually promotes correctness of conducting terrorist activities against Russian citizens, I ask you to organize your due diligence, set out facts, the results of which to take legal and grounded decision in the manner and time prescribed by the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation,” wrote Alexis to handle.

On Thursday, Charlie Hebdo, in the latest issue has posted a new caricature of the crash of the Russian airliner A321 in Egypt, which killed 224 people. This time the picture published on the cover of the magazine and has an obscene nature.

Last week the newspaper has published two cartoons on the subject of the Holocaust. This publication caused a sharp protest from Russia.

Reacting to the arisen dispute, the French foreign Ministry said that the Republic’s leadership has no relation to the activities of the newspaper, where staff is free to Express their own opinion.