The period of campaigning in the primaries “United Russia” will be in March-April 2016

MOSCOW, November 12. The campaigning of candidates during the preliminary inner-party voting “an United Russia” will be held in March-April on weekends. This was stated by the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov, acting at the forum of secretaries of local branches of the party.

“Schedule (agitation) will be tied to specific days. The main campaigning period will occur in March-April”, – said Neverov. According to him, every candidate has the right to determine the form of agitation, it is prohibited only to campaign against other candidates.

At the same time, according to Neverov, proposed for canvassing weekends – Saturday and Sunday. “In March we will be 5, 6,12,13,19, 20, 26, 27”, – noted the Secretary of the General Council.

Neverov pointed out that the details of the primaries will be spelled out in the draft regulations preliminary vote. The draft regulation will be adopted the Federal organizational Committee, which will be formed at the Congress.

Sergei Neverov also informed that the topics for the debate the participants in the primaries will be offered to the Federal center or the regional organizing Committee on holding of the primaries “in accordance with the nature of the subject (the Russian Federation)”.

The Secretary of the General Council recalled that in September 2016, apart from elections to the state Duma, elections of deputies of legislative assemblies in 38 regions. “Cross-linking of different levels of campaigns should be conducted at the stage of preliminary voting,” he said, adding that it is, including about “semantic linking”.

Addressing the participants of the forum, Neverov emphasized that “there are no lists of candidates on elections in the state Duma” at the moment. “The lists we generate may 22. Everyone has a chance and have the opportunity (be a candidate),” said he.

The order of primaries

The primaries will be held on 22 may at the territory of Russia, they will be secret and rating. This means that each voter can vote for one candidate, but for multiple in each list. The party leadership hopes that this will allow you to identify a few opinion leaders.

Neverov also gave the secretaries of the local branches of the party with the previously prepared draft provisions on the conduct of the primaries.

According to the document, candidates who wish to participate in the preliminary vote, will be required to meet certain requirements. In particular, they must be clean before the law (they should not even be extinguished criminal records), candidates have no right to possess foreign citizenship or residence permit abroad, and assets abroad.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held on 18 September 2016 under a mixed system. Half (225) of deputies will be elected in single-mandate constituencies, half by party lists.