The savings Bank proposes to issue a debit Visa card on preferential terms

The savings Bank proposes to issue a debit Visa card on preferential terms

With a debit card of Sberbank Visa Classic, you can not worry about the safety of the funds — to protect the operations used modern technology and all payments are several types of verification.

Hardly in the twenty-first century there is a person who has never heard of debit cards. Surely you have in your wallet already have one, and maybe several. You pay them in the stores and you already know their capabilities. So why make another one? There are at least three reasons to do this.

The first reason: year of service as a gift

Great news! From 12 October to 5 December in the savings Bank there is a special offer: when making a debit card Visa Classic first year of service you get in Podarok. You can pay off your card in Russia and abroad, to pay for purchases at your favorite stores in your city or online. Convenient, isn’t it?

With a debit card of Sberbank Visa Classic, you can not worry about the safety of your funds is to protect card transactions used modern technology and all payments are several types proverki. Even if the card is lost, a simple call Khreschatyk Bank’s contact center to block it.

The card of Sberbank Visa Classic, there are other benefits that can give you simple solutions to complex problems. What? Please read on!

The second reason: the Bank will tell you “Thank you”

Use debit card of Sberbank Visa Classic is not only easy and secure, but also profitable. Just register in the bonus program “Thank you from Sberbank”3 and get a bonus for everyday purchases made on the card. Paying by card of Sberbank Visa Classic, you will get the bonus account of bonuses THANKS to which you can exchange for discounts from Program partners. 1 THANK you bonus = 1 ruble discounts. And where to get bonuses from the partner Programs or redeem them for a discount of up to 99%, decide for yourself: BURGER KING, the salons of “Euroset” stores “Adamas”, the drugstores “Rigla”, Kari stores, online store, “Litres” and many others. In the program “Thank you from Sberbank” involved more than 50 thousand retail outlets of the partners.

The third reason: Live comfortably!

Don’t want to waste time going to the Bank? Visa Classic card provides the ability to conduct financial transactions online. You need to pay a bill or add money for the loan? No need to be distracted from Affairs and to leave the house or office. With online banking and mobile app “Sberbank Online”4. You can perform these actions at any time, just few clicks. You will need only Internet access.

Not always able to pay my bills? Charge their regular payments to the savings Bank with automatic Payment 5 payment of utilities, phone, Internet and other services will occur automatically. The savings Bank will inform You in advance about the planned write-offs, and then send reports on payments made via SMS. The additional time you can give yourself and loved ones, easy to solve work tasks and housework to do.

There is one more convenient service, which is worth mentioning separately — SMS-service “Mobile Bank”. You will always know how much money remains in your account as you will receive SMS notification from the Bank about all changes made by map operations. Moreover, thanks to SMS-service “Mobile Bank”, the owner of a Visa Classic card can quickly transfer money to another account in Sberbanke using only your phone. No matter whether you decide to pay for lunch in half with a colleague, whether it’s helping a friend or a gift to a friend — just to know the phone number or map a destination and send to number 900 in just one SMS. Money will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account in a matter of minutes!

Do not waste time on routine — spend it on yourself and loved ones! Test yourself, how much easier can your life become with debit card Visa Classic — apply for the card at any branch of Sberbank.

1 Free annual service applies to new major Bank debit cards Visa Classic, Visa Classic “Youth”, Visa Classic with individual design, decorated in Sberbank in the period from 12.10.2015 on 05.12.2015 G., inclusive, with the exception of Bank card “Aeroflot” and “give life”, namely on Visa Classic card in the currency of rubles / US dollars/ Euro, Visa Classic “Youth”, in the currency rubles, Visa Classic with individual design in the currency of rubles / US dollars/ Euro and Visa Classic “Youth” with an individual design in the currency rubles.

2 subject to security measures.

3 the Organizer of the Program “Thank you from Sberbank” (hereinafter — the Program) is PJSC Sberbank. Program is 12.11.2011 and not in perpetuity. From the date of registration in the Program when you pay the Program Member Card for Goods in retail outlets of the Partners Authorized Company (CJSC “Centre PL”, OGRN: 1117746689840, 115114, Moscow, 1st derbenevskiy pereulok, building 5, room No. 505/506) Bonuses on the Bonus account of the Participant (0.5% of the amount of the Bonus transacted by a Participant, specified in the Rules). With the Program rules, ways of registration in the Program, the order and conditions of granting and writing off bonuses, restrictions on the Program, detailed information about the rules of holding of the Shares by charging Bonuses implemented on the initiative of Partners, the amount of incentives, timing, place and manner of their production, as well as a topical list of Program Partners and the terms of their discounts can be found on the website. Written herein capitalized terms, the interpretation of which is not shown, are used with the same meaning that is defined in the Program Rules.

4 Mobile application “Sberbank Online” and the service “automatic Payment” is available to holders of international Bank cards of Sberbank Visa Classic (excluding corporate cards) connected to SMS-service “Mobile Bank”. To use the mobile application “Sberbank Online” need access to the Internet. For money transfer via mobile app “Sberbank Online” from the accounts debit cards savings accounts Bank cards of other banks-issuers of the Russian Federation with the indication of the card number of the recipient is charged a Commission. There are restrictions on the amount of one operation on a daily and monthly carrying out funds transfers from the accounts debit cards savings Bank. Regarding information products without age restrictions.

5 the Payment will be executed on availability of funds on the Bank card connected to the service.

6 the translation Service via SMS is available to holders of international Bank cards of Sberbank Visa Classic (excluding corporate cards) connected to SMS-service “Mobile Bank”. Translation by SMS indicating the amount and recipient’s phone is possible only to the holder of the international Bank cards of the savings Bank. For connection to a credit card by selecting the “SMS-notification” will be charged extra in accordance with the Bank’s tariffs.

More information on maps, fares and other conditions, the addresses of ATMs and cash points, SMS-service “Mobile Bank” and “Sberbank Online”, the service “Avtoplatezh”, including their connections and charged commissions, but also other additional information please check on the website by phone 8 800 555 55 50, or in the offices of Sberbank. Change of conditions is made by the Bank unilaterally. Not a public offer. PJSC Sberbank. General license of Bank of Russia № 1481 from G. 11.08.2015

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