The US lifted economic sanctions against Liberia

Moscow. November 7. U.S. President Barack Obama signed a decree on lifting of economic sanctions against Liberia, said in a statement the White house.

In a letter to Congress, Obama noted the enormous progress Liberia in the construction of democracy after the civil war ended in 2003. He also praised the orderly development of political, administrative and economic institutions in Liberia, reports BBC News.

“The United States congratulates the people of Liberia, whose determination, resourcefulness and commitment to peace and democracy made this possible”, – said the representative of the national security Council Ned Price.

The previous administration of U.S. President George W. Bush imposed sanctions on Liberia because of the actions of the former leader of this country of Charles Taylor and his supporters were recognized as a threat to U.S. foreign policy. The sanctions sought to deny them funding and weapons for participating in conflicts in West Africa.

Currently Taylor is serving a 50 year sentence for war crimes and crimes against humanity.