Truckers on 15 November in protest to suspend the work

Truckers on 15 November in protest to suspend the work

Moscow. November 12. Regional trucking company on 15 November plan to suspend work in protest against the imposition of toll on Federal highways for trucks weighing more than 12 tons, have informed in inter-regional trade Union of drivers of professionals (MIMI) acting the organizer of the rally.

“Yesterday, almost all regions were protests today. But on November 15 (the date of introduction of the new collection) mass truckers in regions not come to work”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the initiators of this action were made by both large companies and individual entrepreneurs and truck drivers.

As a result participants of the action intend to achieve cancellation of the decree of the Russian government, according to which the tariff for trucks to 29 February 2016 would be set at the level of 1.53 rubles per kilometer traveled, from 1 March 2016 until 31 December 2018 – to 3.06 rubles.

From the 15th of November in Russia will start operating the toll collection system as compensation for the harm caused by roads of the General using of Federal value by vehicles, having the resolved maximum weight over 12 tons.

It is assumed that truckers will pay in advance, paying for the trip through the system “Platon”. This fix passed by the truck the way you need to use the OBU system, which is registered in the system the carriers can get for free. The government is also allowed to use onboard and third-party devices running on GLONASS/GPS, the requirements should establish the Ministry of transport. In addition, the payment may be settled by issuing a route map (it can be both paper and electronic). If the toll collection system determines that the vehicle unit in the cab of heavy trucks does not, or the owner of the truck has not acquired a route map, he will receive a letter with the receipt of the fine from the traffic police on 40 thousand roubles for individual entrepreneurs for the first violation (when repeated the penalty will be 50 thousand rubles), for legal persons – 450 thousand roubles and 1 million roubles respectively. Currently under consideration in the state Duma a bill on the introduction of a flat scale of fines for legal entities and physical persons to 150 thousand rubles.

Wednesday across Russia, a wave of protest actions of the carriers against the introduction of fees. The protesters demanded to change the method of calculating tariffs and the procedure for their payment. In connection with the introduction of a new collection, a number of carriers have already announced the 30% tariff increase for its services.

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