“United Russia” on elections in 2016 will be up against hard competition

MOSCOW, November 12. “United Russia” on elections in 2016 will be up against hard competition, the party should mobilize and to achieve a legitimate victory, said the head of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Speaking at the forum of secretaries of local branches of the party, he stressed that in the election program of “United Russia” will be included offers the most sought-after voters.

Tough competition and opportunities

In conditions of tough competition, you have to endure the “United Russia” during election campaigns in 2016 “from the party is required to maximally mobilize,” said Medvedev. “It just means that we have to aim for a landslide victory, to remember that our victory must be legitimate,” he said.

The Prime Minister indicated that the “United Russia” has the widest network of local branches, neither one of the parties – competitors. “And, of course, we need these opportunities to take a maximum advantage”, he added. In such circumstances, Medvedev continued, is an extremely important work of the local branches of the party, because at this level every day crucial decisions. It is for the work of the field offices, the citizens judge of all “United Russia”, he added.

Requirements are tougher

Speaking about the preparations for the elections and the upcoming preliminary vote on the candidates (primaries) from the “United Russia”, Medvedev noted that the requirements for candidates are very serious. First of all, they will have to report about the lack of foreign assets. This, said the Prime Minister, will protect applicants for Deputy positions from the “allegations” of opponents. He recalled that, according to the draft regulation on primaries, applicants should indicate that they have “a certain type of property, in particular, foreign assets”, and it must be done “at the time of submission of the application for participation in the procedure (primaries)”. “In the near future our candidates for themselves must decide whether they are ready to meet these requirements,” – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister expressed the view that the new anti-corruption requirements for members will significantly alter the composition of the Deputy corps, “United Russia”.

Not to lose the trust of voters

Speaking about the upcoming primary, Medvedev stressed that he considers unacceptable the influence of senior party members on the results of the preliminary voting, when elections are not allowed the winners of the primaries. “We had isolated cases of pressure from more senior party members”, – he reminded. The Prime Minister considered this to be impermissible. Party, said Medvedev, “can’t tolerate it and could not risk losing the confidence of voters”.

United Russia is the people’s party, is a political resource of the President, it is the party that formed the government and at the head of government is the Chairman of the party, that’s why nobody has the right to use the resource and the reputation of “United Russia” in personal interests”, – explained Medvedev. He also assured that the party leadership “will do anything to the quality of the power constantly increased”.

Therefore, the Prime Minister continued, there were no contractual lists with “their people” in the primaries “United Russia” will not. Participation in procedure of preliminary voting is compulsory for all applicants. “If you want your candidate became a candidate, and this is completely normal, help him with agitation, with the organization of meetings with voters, debates. Another way to go to the polls under the brand of “United Russia” simply does not exist”, – said Medvedev.

To help beginners

The Chairman of “United Russia” called for support of participants of preliminary voting by selection of candidates for elections, which for the first time involved in this procedure. He recalled that in the primaries can participate everyone – as members of the “United Russia” supporters and “those who were in the ranks of our opponents, provided of course that they ended their relationship with other parties”.

Medvedev did not exclude that among the participants in the primaries will be many who “never participated in the electoral process”. In this regard, he urged local branches “to connect and support them in collecting the necessary documents, if required, be accompanied at all stages of preparation, to help in learning”. He reminded that in December the United Russia will launch a special project “the Candidate”.

To be untwisted at the expense of the party will fail

Because “United Russia” is a popular party in the country, some dishonorable politicians may try to take advantage. According to Medvedev, the party “will not allow you to use their resources for someone’s promotion”. “Therefore, each candidate will sign a special obligation. Applicants agree not to consent to other political parties to go into the Duma on their lists and be nominated by nominated,” he said.

The procedure for the primaries

According to the draft Declaration to participate in the primaries of “United Russia” on elections in the state Duma, the candidate is liable in case of consideration of the results of the primaries his candidacy for inclusion in the list of the party “to give his consent to the nomination … And not to give such consent, other political parties and to stand as a candidate in order of nomination”. In this case, as explained Secretary General Council of United Russia Sergei Neverov, the rule must not touch, those who lost the primaries. The procedure of conducting primaries must be approved at the first stage of the party Congress of United Russia, scheduled for early February. Early voting will affect all elections simultaneously with the elections to the state Duma in 2016.

“Everyone has to choose what political force he binds his life”, – explained the meaning of this rule Medvedev, calling it justified. “We are not forcing anyone to participate in the preliminary vote, it is voluntary, but if people associated his name with “United Russia”, it means that shares our core values, principles, goals and willing to take responsibility for them,” said he, adding that this responsibility will be documented in this act.

He recalled that the primaries involve the broad participation of party members and independent candidates. “But this does not mean that there should be random people, on the contrary, random people we don’t need”, – said Medvedev.

Civilized debate

The Chairman of “United Russia” also demanded that all party members before the elections participated in the debate and behave very correctly. “Applicants must prove that they are worthy of their support, to answer any, even the most tricky questions, clearly identify and justify their position” – set the task to Medvedev. According to him, the party offices in regions “should help to organize this process /debate/”. However, he stressed that “all discussions must be carried out correctly,” like “the campaign on the nomination of his candidacy”.

The Russian policy “is already quite civilized, but still not superfluous to recall”, said the Prime Minister. “A true leader needs to hold the audience’s attention, to prove their superiority, not affecting the interlocutor”, – said Medvedev. In his view, this approach “is fundamentally important if we want the upcoming voting procedure called the voters trust.”

Plans and prospects

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The procedure of conducting primaries must be approved at the first stage of the party Congress of United Russia, scheduled for early February. Early voting will affect all elections simultaneously with the elections to the state Duma in 2016.

“May 22 will be the vote throughout the country, for June we have planned the second phase of the Congress, which will be approved by our electoral lists, as well as finalized our election program,” – said Medvedev. It will be included offers the most sought-after voters.

The Prime Minister added that the election procedure vote almost already been tried and tested across the country, and expressed confidence that this experience will be useful in anticipation of the single day of voting, scheduled for 18 September 2016. Medvedev pointed out that to come and vote for the most deserving candidates from “United Russia”, which will be included in the election lists, can any citizen of Russia. He stressed that this is the uniqueness of this vote.

Medvedev added that “all the work in preparation for the preliminary voting will coordinate the Federal Executive Institute”.