Deputy of Corporation: annual sales of “Rosatom” with the EU exceeds €3 billion

MOSCOW, November 13. The annual turnover of “Rosatom” with the EU exceeds €3 billion. this was announced On Friday on air of TV channel “RBC” first Deputy Director General of state Corporation “Rosatom” Kirill Komarov.

“Our annual trade with the EU more than €3 billion overall in the area, with only one European Union”, – said the Deputy Director General of the Corporation, adding that the company’s ruble devaluation “benefit rather than a problem.” Komarov reminded that, if we talk about all the contracts of the Corporation, the portfolio of orders amounts to “more than $300 billion”.

Also, according to the top Manager, the domestic nuclear industry is 98% self-sufficient Russian products, therefore, no question of import substitution in this area.

“In Russia, when we build nuclear power plants, we have a very high localization level of 98%. The goods, works and services of Russian origin, he said. – Much more than in the traditional energy sector, where 60% is imported.”

The Deputy head of “Rosatom” also noted that nuclear power plants abroad also provide “a tremendous contribution to the economy” of the country. The Corporation starts to produce nuclear fuel for Western nuclear power plants, built according to Russian design, supplies enriched uranium to Europe, provides the service of the NPP and personnel training.

“We see a unique niche for us in the global market, where, on the one hand, demand our reference technology, and, on the other hand, many of our competitors cannot offer such a comprehensive solution, or a verified the solutions,” he said.

“For the next three years we will continue to expand its presence in the market,” said Komarov. He explained that it is including about the new contracts for the construction of nuclear power plants.