GM will import in the U.S., the Buick SUVs from China

Moscow. November 13. General Motors plans to start selling Chinese cars build in the US was the first among American automakers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, from 2016, GM will import the Buick Envision SUV produced at the plant in the Chinese province of Shandong.

According to sources, initially the volume of imports in the U.S. are small – 30-40 thousand cars a year. However, this decision itself represents a significant change in the approach of major U.S. corporations to domestic market. Experts believe that other automakers will be closely watching this experiment and, most likely, will want to follow the example of GM.

Leading automakers of the world are not in a hurry to carry cars assembled in China, USA or Europe, believing that Western consumers will refuse to buy such machines due to potential quality issues. The first trend I decided to change the Volvo Car Corp., who now controls the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.: in the spring of 2015 he started the import sedans from China to USA.

The decision of the GM about the supply of Buick cars from China will likely cause dissatisfaction of the workers Union of the American automobile industry United Auto Workers (UAW), who just recently managed to knock out of the concern over favorable conditions for its members.

The most popular models of Buick in the U.S. – a small crossover Encore is going in South Korea. GM for more than 10 years importing inexpensive cars from Korean plant in the United States, however, gradually departs from this strategy due to the rising cost of labor in South Korea.

In total, Buick cars accounted for about 7% of sales of General Motors in the US – less than 19 thousand in October against more than 100 thousand in China.