In the cities of Russia tightens security after attacks in France

MOSCOW, November 14. In the Russian regions strengthen security measures after the terrorist attacks in Paris. About promotions on the streets, the views of ordinary citizens and the reaction of the officials told.

A series of terrorist attacks occurred on Friday evening in Paris. According to the latest data, victims of tragedy of steel 128 people. Another 250 people were injured, 99 of them are in critical condition. French President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and closing state borders. The country declared three days of mourning.

Football game under protection of OMON

At the stadium in the center of Simferopol under heavy police guard held a football match local teams. The public order was guarded by the Riot police in full gear. “In Crimea tightened anti-terrorism security at all strategic sites in all municipalities”, – quotes the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov to his press service.

At the airport of Simferopol of the visible strengthening of police no. Admission of passengers to the terminals are performed as usual, people are asked to pass a standard examination procedure.

About strengthening of security measures at sporting and other mass events also informed the police of Yaroslavl.

In Sevastopol already had all the necessary organizational measures to prevent the threat of terrorist attacks, said Governor’s spokesman Kirill Moskalenko.

According to the head of the region Sergey meniailo, the terrorist attacks in Paris was largely due to the shortcomings of government, which was to prevent the murder. At the same time, he acknowledged that completely eliminate the threat of terrorism impossible, “especially with the high influx of migrants in France”.

Je suis Paris

To the building of the Consulate General of France in St. Petersburg in the morning, almost every minute people came.

Along with flowers and candles, they left the stickers with inscriptions Je suis Paris and the Eiffel tower image in the icon pacifists, which was invented by the English artist Banksy. “For us it is very important to feel such support. We know that we are not alone,” said released to journalists by the Consul of France in St. Petersburg Thibault Furrer.

Next to the visa center in Nizhny Novgorod, about 20 people gathered with placards in the colours of the French flag with the words “Mourn”.

“We want to show solidarity with the people of France in connection with the horrific attack, which took place the day before. Grieve together with the French. The Russians suffered at the hands of terrorists and how no one understands the French. We want to say that we will not be intimidated. And that all must unite to fight this evil!” – said one of the protesters Roman Zykov.

Citizens of Kazan with the morning leave roses near the office of the public organization “Alliance française”. Flowers to put under the metal fence, which stretched a French flag with the inscription “France we are with you”. Stand near candles. In all the mosques of Tatarstan on Sunday, read the sermon on the incompatibility of Islam and terrorism, in the Orthodox churches will hold memorial services.

The residents of the city will gather again where commemorated the victims of the crash in Egypt

In the centre of Petrozavodsk on Saturday at 19:00 there will be held an action of memory of victims of terrorist attacks in Paris. It will be held on the Onega embankment of stone, November 2, where hundreds of people remembered those killed in the crash in Egypt.

After dark the candles are lit in Ufa near the building of the “Alliance française”. “As soon as it gets dark, in honor of the victims will light candles. Everyone is welcome to join the event, which will be held at the October revolution, 8,” – said earlier to journalists, the rector of the pedagogical University rail Asadullin.

As said the employee of the French educational center in Nizhny Novgorod, in spite of the weekend, their phones constantly interrupt calls.

“Many people call us, expressing their solidarity, asking if they could bring the flowers to our office. We don’t mind. On Monday we have the meeting of our whole team and decide how we and our many friends in France can Express their attitude to these events”, – told the Agency interlocutor.

In Ekaterinburg 12 people in the afternoon organized a memorial March to mourn for the dead. “At 14:00 Moscow time a group of citizens gathered at the Square of 1905 with flowers and accompanied by police officers marched to the Consulate General of France, where he joined other people who came to Express solidarity with the French people”, – said the head of the press service of the regional MOI Valery Burnt. Flowers, notes in French and a candle is also left outside the centre “Alliance française”.

The terrorists have soiled his hands with the blood on the Holy day

Members of the government of Dagestan has honored the memory of those killed in France a minute of silence. As the head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov, “attacking from behind, killing civilians, these bad people want to discredit Islam and the true values of our religion”. He stressed that “those who have soiled his hands with blood in the Muslim Holy day, will get what they deserve”.

“A barbaric act” that “defames Islam” as a religion, called the attacks the Supreme mufti of Russia Talgat Tadjuddin. “These people are waiting for the shame,” he concluded.